The Abandoned Pygmy Camp is a scene wherein the boat passes a little--pun slightly intended--settlement.


The boat curves along with the river, passing a sandy beach on the starboard side.

Three canoes have been dragged ashore. Allegedly, the canoes' mastheads are tribal interpretations of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy.

There's a small thatch hut in the background where the natives store their shields. In front of that, there are five skulls mounted onto spears.


The scene takes place on the Congo, after entering the river, but before the Python.


Canoes Edit

Those native war canoes belong to a local tribe of pygmies.

Around this bend, we'll meet a pygmy welcoming party! They're such fun! They always greet the new safaris, and--[The skipper notices that there aren't any pygmies.]--whoa. Kind of a dead party, huh? We seem to be a little short on pygmies! They never abandon their canoes. I wonder if something scared 'em off.

I wonder why those war canoes are abandoned. Usually there's a Pygmy Welcoming Party here. Hmm...I kinda wonder what scared 'em away. I can't see anyone; canoe?

They tell me that each canoe can hold three hundred pygmies! Hrmm...that means that, somewhere in those bushes, there's nine hundred of 'em, waiting to jump out!

Drums Edit

Hold on; I think I can translate those drums! "We apologize...for not sending...a welcoming party...but we would have you...for dinner."

Spears Edit

Those skulls up on the spears belonged to some sightseers that came through here a while back. They sure have a good view of things now!

Where are the pygmies? It must be tribal election day, and they're all off voting. [The skipper scrutinizes the skulls on the spears.] It's hard to tell who's ahead in the poles, though.

Jingle Cruise Edit

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Over here, we have a pygmy holiday party in full swing! [The skipper notices that there aren't any pygmies.] They must've dashed off for some last-minute shopping.

I think I can guess what the natives got for Christmas; canoe?

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