The Cambodian Ruins is a scene wherein the boat passes the remains of an Angkor temple.



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The river slightly bends, revealing eerie ruins that are reminiscent of Ta Prohm and other Angkor temples.

A huge stone likeness of Jayavarman VII, like the ones founds in Bayon, dominates the sightline. It is ensnared within the roots of a strangler fig. Other plants grow through the stones, as well.

There are two sets of crocodiles on either side of the boat. They submerge and resurface.

Earthquakes have jostled this temple. Exposed ceiling beams no longer have a ceiling to support, and many of them have fallen, themselves. Two massive spires atop the ruins are crumbling, revealing brick beneath their finish.

Most ominously, the river now flows directly inside the building, implying that--for all its size--nature has literally reclaimed at least an entire level of this temple. The entrance is square, dark, and lined with strangler figs.


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The scene takes place on the Mekong, after the Back Side of Water , but before entering the Cambodian Temple.


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Up ahead, on the left, the ruins of a centuries-old Cambodian shrine! It was almost totally destroyed by a devastating earthquake hundreds of years ago. Only the Monkey God remains, guarded by these beady-eyed crocodiles and that giant jungle spider.

Through this archway, we enter the sunken ruins of an ancient lost city. The jungle has no almost totally reclaimed this area. Even that great stone face has been engulfed by python-like banyans.

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The Scene's Introduction Edit

Wait a minute...we're on a different river now! In fact, it's a different continent!

As we turn onto the Irrawaddy River of Asia, we can see the ruins of a centuries-old shrine, almost totally destroyed by a devastating earthquake;

I hope you've kept your nerve, because you're gonna need it. We've changed continents again! Now we're on the Mekong River of Southeast Asia, deep in the heart of Cambodia.

Up ahead is a scared temple of the Khmer Empire. They ruled most of Southeast Asia for seven centuries, and built entire cities of temples like this in the jungle. After their empire fell, the jungle began swallowing up the temples. Explorers like us are re-discovering them every day!

As you can see, the jungle has almost totally reclaimed this area. Even that great stone face has been engulfed by those python-like banyan roots.

Before Entering Edit

This is a new entrance; there must've been an earthquake here lately. It could lead us to treasure, or it could be a dead end. What do you think? Should we go in?

  • [If the audience responds, "Yes:"] I was afraid you'd say that.
    • [Or:] Good, because we don't have a choice.
  • [If the audience responds, "No:"] I'm with you; unfortunately, this is Disney, and the boats only go forward here.

They say that inside the temple ruins lies a sacred treasure. Many have gone in to search for it, but none have ever come out.

As we enter these temple ruins, I count [the number of guests in the boat] going in. Let's hope there'll be that many coming out!

There's no telling what we'll find in here, so keep your eyes peeled, because I'm keeping mine shut.

Here we go! Goodbye, every--err...I mean...good luck, everyone!

From here on, it's every man, woman, and skipper for themselves.

[The skipper indicates the strangler fig roots inside the Temple.] We might be in trouble. It looks like a root canal!

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Inside this temple, we'll find snakes, tigers, and monkeys. Those guys always throw the best holiday parties!

Inside this temple, we'll find a tiger who's been following us along the beach. Wanna know how I can tell? He has sandy claws! Don't worry, he'll stop following us after this. During the holidays, he hangs up his stalking. [As in, "stocking."]

If I'm not mistaken, we're about to enter Santa's Workshop!

  • [Upon exiting the Temple:] I was mistaken.

I guess this ancient culture couldn't return this stuff without a receipt!

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