Crocodile Country is a scene wherein the boat passes by two crocodiles.


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The river curves in an S away from the Trapped Safari. An unseen monkey calls out from the port side.

On the last curve of the S, Schweitzer Falls comes into view in the distance ahead of the boat. On the starboard side, two crocodiles bask on the shore. The one on the left is the larger of the two. They open and shut their mouths, occasionally roaring at the boat.

There are also two native totems to the left of them.


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The scene takes place on the Nile, after the Trapped Safari, but before Schweitzer Falls.


Disneyland Edit

We are now turning onto the crocodile-infested Mekong River of Asia.

There's Old Smiley, the grandaddy of them all!  Keep your hands inside the boat; he's always looking for a hand-out!

Magic Kingdom Edit

Hand-Outs Edit

This area is known for its crocodiles, so be sure to keep your hands in the boat.

We're now entering Crocodile Country, so please stay inside the boat, because loafers like these two are always looking for a hand-out.

There's Old Smiley. He's over one hundred years old! At that age, I think he's earned the right to lay around all day, looking for a hand-out.

We are now going through crocodile-infested waters, so keep your hands in the boat. Those crocs are always looking for a hand-out!

Alligators and Crocodiles Edit

Does everyone know the difference between alligators and crocodiles?

  • The crocodile has a longer, more pointed snout, and the alligator's nose is wider and more square at the tip. Here, I'll show you. [The skipper indicates a specific guest.] Would you stick your hand out and get us a bite pattern?
  • Alligators are plastic, crocodiles are fiberglass.
  • One, you'll see later, and the other, you'll see in a while.

Miscellaneous Edit

We're entering Crocodile Country, and as you can see, danger lurks around every bend in the jungle, so keep your favorite family members inside the boat!

I hope these crocodiles haven't mistaken this for a dinner cruise.

There's Dwayne. Be sure to stay inside the boat, because I'd hate to see a passenger go down the Dwayne.

There's Ginger. Be careful around her; Ginger snaps! She's one tough cookie. I know this joke is crummy, but hey, I'm gonna milk it. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Sir, that was really clever of you to hide behind that child!

If Ducks are Sitting on the Crocodiles Edit

Looks like the crocs are having a party! You know the party's getting out of hand when they start putting ducks on their heads!

It's a sitting duck!

Not only are these crocodiles deadly, apparently they're also comfortable!

Hey, you! Duck! Leave him alone! Go pick on someone your own size!

You can see how deadly those ducks are; that poor crocodile is scared stiff!

Jingle Cruise Edit

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Old Smiley wants a slow-cooker for Christmas, but we all know that's a crock.

There's Mr. Frost. Be careful around him; Mr. Frost bites!

Don't worry, these crocodiles won't bite unless we're sailing under mistletoe trees...which we totally are!

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