The Downed Airplane is a scene wherein the boat passes the wreckage of a downed airplane.


Magic Kingdom Edit

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The boat passes the back half of an airplane, submerged in foliage, on the starboard side.

On the port side, a hill blocks sightlines to the Attacking Natives.


Magic KingdomEdit

The scene takes place on the Nile, after Schweitzer Falls, but before the Hippo Pool.


Magic KingdomEdit


A lot of people ask me how I landed my job. Well, it's plane to see, I took a crash course, but now I'm just winging it. That's the tail-end of that story. My career never took off like I thought it would. I've been spiraling ever since.

I used to be a pilot, and there's the first plane I ever flew. Seems like every time I get behind the wheel of something for the first time, something terrible happens. Did I mention this is my first time piloting a boat?


See that, over there? That's where I live. It may be a little plane, but it's my home.

That wreck over there proves that the hardest thing about learning to fly a plane is...the ground.

Here's the jungle's newest night spot: the Fusel-Lodge! Honestly, it's a bit of a dive.

Hippo HypeEdit

A downed airplane! In the jungle, that can only mean one thing: hippos!

Across from us is a crashed airplane, and just ahead is a pool full of hippos, which are known for their thick, leathery skin. I guess you could say that it's a case of "hide" in "plane" sight!

Jingle CruiseEdit

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The Jungle Aviation Supply Company has some great holiday deals! We got half-off this plane!

Who says you can't catch a plane during the holidays?

Looks like the planes have been grounded. Don't you just hate holiday travel? They should've tried reindeer.

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