Entering the Congo is a scene wherein the boat...well, you get the picture.


The river makes a sharp S. On the starboard side, there's a tent in the foliage. On the port side, there's a small assortment of cargo scattered throughout the plants, including a wooden box with a book resting upon it.


The scene takes place on the Congo, after Inspiration Falls , but before the Abandoned Pygmy Camp .


The River's Introduction Edit

As we round the bend, we change not only rivers, but also continents!  Now we're on the Congo River of Central Africa:  the deepest, darkest part of the jungle.

The Congo River has been described as a giant snake, stretching across the African continent, with its tail in the jungle, and its head in the sea.

We're changing rivers. In fact, we're changing continents altogether! Well, we have to do it altogether. We're all in the same boat.

Miscellaneous Edit

Keep your eyes open now and watch out for these carnivorous vines. Last week, one of them actually reached into my boat and pulled a woman from Pocatello, Idaho right out! It was awful! In fact, she was sitting right where you are! [The skipper indicates a specific guest.]

[Pointing out the book on the port-side:]  If any of you have ever wanted to see the Jungle Book...there it is.

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