The Gorilla Camp is a scene wherein the boat passes a band of gorillas wrecking a campsite.



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Magic KingdomEdit

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On the starboard side, the boat passes four gorillas who are ravaging a campsite.

Various belongings--like crates and gas cans and medical supplies--are strewn about the shore. A pith helmet floats in the water. A jeep lies, overturned, halfway into the foliage, its wheels still spinning, and its headlights still on.

In the tent, one gorilla tries on another pith helmet while looking in a mirror. Another gorilla sits atop a crate in the back, dangling a baby gorilla by the arms. A third gorilla has found a pistol and aims it uncertainly at the boat. A fourth gorilla has found a rifle and is looking curiously down its barrel.




Magic KingdomEdit

The scene takes place on the Congoafter the Python , but before entering the Nile .




Magic KingdomEdit

Unwanted GuestsEdit

If you don't mind, we're gonna stop by my camp and pick up a few things.See what happens when you leave the front door unlocked in the jungle?

Oh, no! Will you look at that?! I've got some uninvited house guests! Looks like they've broken just about everything I own!

Neighbors! Y'gotta respect 'em, especially when they each have the strength of three men.

I hired these guys to help me break camp, and it looks like they've broken just about everything I own!

Oh, no! My in-laws are visiting! [The skipper indicates the gorilla scrutinizing the rifle barrel.] That's my mother-in-law, shooting her mouth off again.


Now if you're wearing anything yellow, don't make any noises like a banana. They find that very appealing. It just drives 'em ape!It looks like these gorillas have gone bananas! But then again, monkeying around comes naturally to them.

We're now entering Banana Country, so keep your eyes peeled, because we might need to split. What's that up ahead? Ah...a safari camp with a few uninvited house guests.


You guys! That's so inconsiderate! You left my headlights on! [The skipper takes a deep breath.] I'm sorry I yelled; thank you for cleaning everything else up, but the headlights, please? [The skipper turns to the audience.] Roommates, am I right?

I couldn't get that jeep started, but it looks like they got it to turn over. Must've used a monkey wrench. Or maybe they called Triple-Ape.

Those gorillas may like those supplies, but I can tell you, they just flipped over the jeep.

Pretty sloppy job of parking that jeep, guys. You left the lights on!

Jingle CruiseEdit

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Reminds me of Christmas with the in-laws, am I right?

Oh, no! My in-laws are visiting!

  • Hey, I said you could open one present early! Only one!
  • [To the gorillas:] It's so great to see you guys! [To the audience:] Did that sound convincing?

This is our gift-wrapping station. You may wonder why we hired gorillas, but just look; their turn-over is fantastic!

I couldn't get that jeep started, but it looks like they got it to turn over. Must've got a monkey wrench in their stocking.

[To the gorillas:] You'd better be good boys and girls!

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