Originally, the Jungle Cruise was a straightforward safari ride, allowing guests to experience a True-Life Adventure in person.

After a few years, it adopted a comedic tone, in the vein of Bing Crosby and Bob Hope's Road to... films.  Since then, several more styles of humor have worked their way into the script.

Factoids Edit

Main article: Factoids

Educating the audience about what they're experiencing.


Main article: Wordplay

Tweaking language to reinforce meaning.

Gallows HumorEdit

Main article: Gallows Humor

Making light of dark subjects, like disease, death, and cannibalism.


Main article: Self-Deprecation

Making jokes at one's own expense.


Main article: Absurdism

Building up to a punchline that doesn't make sense, given the context.

Post-modernism Edit

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Breaking the fourth wall to acknowledge the artificiality of the ride.


Main article: Sarcasm

Mocking a subject with insincere politeness.

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