The Indian Elephant Bathing Pool is a scene wherein the boat passes some hygienic elephants.


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A pool full of Indian elephants. Duh. [We'll hunt down how many, where they're located, and what they're doing later.]

None of the elephants in this pool have tusks, meaning that all of the adults are females.

A calf sprays water into a crocodile's open mouth. The crocodile closes its mouth, shoots the water out of its ears, then opens its mouth to begin the cycle again.


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The scene takes place on the Mekong, after exiting the Cambodian Temple , but before Squeeze Play.


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This is the elephant god, Ganesha, guarding the entrance to the enchanted bathing pool of elephants! The natives of the jungle say that whole herds of playful Indian elephants migrate here during the (morning / afternoon / evening) to bathe.

[The skipper indicates the crocodile and the elephant:] What an unusual way to get a drink! He must be full; water's running out of his ears.

You can always tell the big shot; he's the one with the private shower.

Look out for these playful little squirts! Sometimes they try to give us a shower!

Did you know these sacred bathing rites are seldom seen by civilized man?

As we leave the waters of the frisky elephants, we journey deep into the interior, where ferocious wildlife roam.

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Do you know how you can tell this is an Indian elephant?

  • [If a guest replies, "Because it's in India:"] Actually, we're in Cambodia, but thanks for getting it wrong; now I don't have to share my paycheck!
  • [Note: this pays off a joke that's set up with the African Elephants.]

We've stumbled into the sacred bathing pool of the elephant! Whole herds of playful Indian elephants migrate here daily.

Remember those African elephants we saw earlier? Here are their cousins: the Indian elephants. See the small ears and smoother trunks?

Bathing Edit

That one's got a private shower! What a big shot! [The skipper turns to the elephant.] Hey, c'mon outta there; you're getting all wrinkled!

Look at those two little squirts, bathing under a full moon! Isn't that romantic?

Y'know why they're so wrinkled? Because there are no irons in the jungle!

Voyeurism Edit

We've stumbled into their private bathing pool! Please try not to stare.

Don't be embarrassed that we've caught them bathing. They have their trunks on.

Feel free to take pictures! They have their trunks on.

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Look at all the elephants on the river today! This comes as a complete surprise to me, because I had no idea they were going to be here!

It's our lucky day! The whole herd has come down to bathe! You know, elephants are very intelligent animals. Some people say that they never forget! From what I've seen, that's true, because they never forget to show up when our boats come through.

This sacred pool has never been seen by civilized man before, and as I look around the boat right now, I can see that you folks are no exception.

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There's Bertha. She tends to smell, so this year, instead of showering her with gifts, we gave her the gift of showering!

This holiday party is quite the let-down. It's really a wash!

All these baby male elephants want for Christmas is their two trunk teeth!

How many of you folks only bathe during the holidays? I can tell.

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