Inside the Cambodian Temple is a scene wherein the boat passes through the ruins.


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This scene is the ride's only interior set. The "river" curves along in a U shape.

As the light fades, the boat passes a tiger on the port side who's standing in the ruins of a crumbled wall. Its eyes glow green. It snarls at the boat. Odd blue light illuminates it and the jungle behind it.

In the distance on the starboard side, a gigantic neon spider writhes on its web. As the boat approaches it, it passes two cobras--one on each side--who are poised and ready to strike. They pivot from side to side, hissing. They are on stones that have presumably fallen out of the ceiling and into the water.

Eerie xylophone music echoes against the walls.

As "river" reaches its bend, the boat passes the gigantic neon spider, followed by a treasure horde, all of which is on the starboard side. An anthropomorphized monkey idol presides over the scene. Blue, red, and white gems glow in piles on the ground, illuminating various golden trinkets. Four cobras--who also pivot from side to side, hissing--guard the booty. A second gigantic neon spider, writhing on its web, completes the tableau.

The "river" continues to curve, revealing an alcove on the port side full of monkeys who are playing with golden vases. There are also monkeys perched on the starboard side, who chatter.

The last stretch of the Temple features human idols standing in grooves in the wall on the port side. They are in various states of disrepair.

By now, daylight is peeking its way in, revealing just how parallel the ceiling and the water aren't. This building is going down, sooner rather than later.


Magic KingdomEdit

The scene takes place on the Mekong, after approaching the Cambodian Temple, but before the Indian Elephant Bathing Pool.


There isn't much material for this scene, because skippers aren't supposed to spiel during it.  There are many reasons for this:

  • to give the skipper a breather,
  • to give the audience a break from all the corny humor,
  • to let the audience reflect upon the atmosphere, and the futility of humankind's attempts to conquer nature,
  • and because the acoustics make the microphone sound tinny, loud, and generally awful.


Magic KingdomEdit

While EnteringEdit

[The skipper sees the tiger off the port side, sits on the starboard side of the boat, and explains to the nearest guest:]  Would you mind if I sit here?  I'm allergic to cats.

  • [The skipper sees a cobra off the starboard side, switches over the port side of the boat, and explains to the nearest guest:]  Would you mind if I sit here?  I'm allergic to venom.

[The skipper performs an eerie rendition of "it's a small world."]

Another skipper told me that's a Bengal tiger, but of course, he could be lion.  Was that too catty?  Look, I didn't wanna say these jokes, but the tiger's got his clause in my contract.

While ExitingEdit

Imagine a civilization that built something like this, and then disappeared!

These are called rhesus monkeys, and the natives eat them.  That may seem unappetizing to us, but the natives swear that there's no wrong way to eat a rhesus!

Did everyone make it?  Does anyone have an empty seat next to them?

Is anyone not here?  If you're not here, raise your hand.

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