The Native Village is a scene wherein the boat enters headhunter territory.


Disneyland Edit

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Magic KingdomEdit

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The river curves in a U.

In the distance at the front of the boat, [a certain number of] natives hop-dance in a circle beneath a large thatched hut.

On the starboard side, the boat passes a canoe filled with [at least] nine skulls.

After the canoe and the dancing natives, there's a small thatched hut on the starboard side. Inside, three natives play the drums while staring unblinkingly at the boat.




Magic KingdomEdit

The scene takes place on the Nile, after the Hippo Pool, but before the Attacking Natives.



We're now entering headhunter territory. You can tell by the stack of skulls in that tribal burial canoe.

Ahead is a native village. I'll try to get us as close as possible.

Looks like they're celebrating the kill of a lion, probably caught raiding the village. Try not to be seen, or else they'll be celebrating over us, too.

Let's see if we can sneak by them. Be very quiet; don't attract their attention.

Magic KingdomEdit

Foreboding Edit

This is headhunter territory: a great place to be-headed!

The worst thing about firing a gun in the jungle is that you never know who you'll wake up! Everybody stay real quiet and keep an eye on these warriors.

All that noise stirred up the natives! We could be in trouble; just look at my last crew! [The skipper indicates the skulls in the canoe.] They were pretty brave, but when we ran into this tribe, they went to pieces!

Would you folks please remove your watches and jewelry? The natives have been complaining of indigestion.

The Skulls in the Canoe Edit

The hippo pool was exciting, wasn't it? My last crew enjoyed it, too! Speaking of which, here they are!

That was my last crew.

  • What a bunch of boneheads!
  • They had a good time! See? Most of 'em are still smiling!

Here are some native arts and crafts. [The skipper indicates a skull.] Art's the one on the top--[The skipper indicates the canoe.]--and that's their craft.

Here's a local art exhibit: skull-pture!

This shows what the natives can do when they put their heads together!

The natives use this boat to scout a-head.

The Dancing Natives Edit

When the natives dance around like that, it means they're planning to attack. Or they lost the key to the men's room. Either way, stay alert!

The natives are celebrating something. Lemme see if I can translate for you.

  • [Pause.] Nope.
  • "You put your...left foot put...your left foot out..." Sounds like a bunch of hokey-pokey to me!

It's the secret celebration of the lost Umbala tribe! No outsider has ever witnessed this ceremony and survived!

You'll notice that these natives are dancing in a circle. You know what that means? They don't know how to line dance! They said they'd get around to it.

Jingle Cruise Edit

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There's my last crew.

  • They were on the Naughty List.
  • They didn't believe.
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