Returning to the Amazon is a scene wherein the boat returns to its port of origin.


Magic Kingdom Edit

Main article:  Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise

The boat curves with the river to the right, surrounded by foliage.


Magic KingdomEdit

The scene takes place on the Amazon, after Squeeze Play, but before Trader Sam.


The Magic Kingdom Edit

The River's (Re-)Introduction Edit

We're almost back at our starting point:  the jungles of South America, and our dock.  You've been through quite a lot today, and did a good job.

I hope you've learned about the rivers of the world.  They're really arteries, carrying life-giving water across the Earth.  That's why we have to guard and protect them.

Plants Edit

Now, for you plant lovers, along these banks is a wide variety of rare vegetation.  On some of these bushes grow the berries from which the natives extract their deadly bushman's poison.

And now, the botanical portion of your Jungle Cruise, in which I point out some of my favorite plants of the jungle.  [The skipper points to a few plants, offering no further commentary.]

These plants have really grown on me.

I was gonna buy you all jungle plants as souvenirs, but unfortunately, I never bot-any.

Jingle CruiseEdit

Main article: Jingle CruiseI'd like to point out some of the beautiful seasonal plants.  That's Dancer, that's Prancer, that's Donner, that's Cupid, that's Vixen, that's Blitzen, that's Dasher, and that's Comet.  Can anybody name the last one?

  • [If the audience answers, "Rudolph:"]  Nope!  That's Fern.I was gonna buy you all jungle plants for Christmas, but unfortunately, I never bot-any.I never noticed all of these trees before.  How lovely are these branches?  How lovely are these branches?!
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