Squeeze Play is a scene wherein two elephants nearly squirt the boat.


Disneyland Edit

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Magic KingdomEdit

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As the boat nears the end of the Indian Elephant Bathing Pool, two male elephants--one on either side, although the one of the left is closer to the boat--surface and spray arcs of water from their trunks.

The skipper stops the boat short before anyone gets sprayed. (Hopefully.)

Once the elephants are done squirting, they submerge, and the skipper decides to make a run for it before they can reload. The elephant on the left resurfaces and threatens to spray the port side of the boat, but then it submerges again. The elephant on the right then does the same to the starboard side.




Magic KingdomEdit

The scene takes place on the Mekong, after the Indian Elephant Bathing Pool, but before returning to the Amazon.



Uh-oh! It looks like one of the larger elephants wanted to bathe all by himself, and he doesn't like being disturbed!

Hey! He's trying to give us a bath! That was close!

Look out! [The first elephant submerges, as the second elephant surfaces.] You folks on the right side of the boat better look out; he might do it again! [The second elephant submerges.] Well, maybe he figured you didn't need a bath.

Magic KingdomEdit

Anticipating Edit

We might get a shower of our own!

Parents, this is a good time to hold your kids up to see! They make great shields!

Oh, no! We're gonna get caught in the old elephant squeeze play! We'll make a run for it when they go down. Look out on both sides. They're coming up! Duck! Duck!

That big elephant is coming up, and it looks like he's aiming for us! Oh, no! He's coming up again! You folks in the back, get down! Phew! I guess he didn't have time to reload.

If you get sprayed, don't worry; your clothing will absorb the water right off your body!

Passing Through Edit

Duck! Duck! Duck!

  • Oh, wait, that's not a duck, that's an elephant. I got confused.
  • I saw a duck.
  • Goose!

Look out! He's gonna spray you! I'm not kidding, I'm not kidding! I'm just kidding. A little dry humor, there.

Look out in the back; he's coming up again!

Recovering Edit

[Well, I guess they didn't have time to reload.

I guess they forgot to pack their trunks.

You may think that was water coming out of their trunks, but it's-not.

Sir, I like the way you used that child as a shield! That was raw courage!

Thank goodness these newer models don't have as much trunk space as the old ones!

Jingle Cruise Edit

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This isn't what I meant when I said I wanted to be showered with gifts!

You may think that was water coming out of their trunks, but it's-not. Cold season is upon us!

No, Squirt, no! Don't get us wet! Be nice; Santa is watching.

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